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Early morning dressing

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Everyone has experienced it. You wake up at 6.30 A.M to the shrill sound of your alarm clock, and only have about half and hour to get ready. Both your room and the world outside is cold and unfriendly, and all you want to do is slip on your sweats and uggs and get on to school/uni/work without having taken a shower. But no, no, no! There are, in fact, ways of looking chic even if you’ve only gotten three hours of sleep the night before.

  1. Plan your outfit the night before. Sure, I know you’re tired, but at least look through your closet to ensure you have some clean clothes that would go together. Find some key pieces. We all know how annoying it is to look for that one white tank top or a pair of earrings five minutes before you’re about to leave the house.
  2. Keep it minimalistic. I love petticoats, overaccessorizing and clashing colours and prints as much as the next girl. However, this is not something you should experiment with at 7 A.M in the morning. Keep it to neutrals, and add a splash of colour with a bag or a pair of shoes.
  3. The aforementionned also goes for make up. Honestely, do you need the perfect smoky eye or fake lashes while sitting in a math lecture? Some neutral eyeshadow, mascara and concealer go a long way. If you feel like natural make up is boring, wear bright or dark lipstick, which takes a lot less time to apply compared to dark eye make up.
  4. Have a go to bag or pair of shoes that totally goes with all of your outfits. For me, it’s my Din Sko studded booties and my Iris Horbach oversized bag.
  5. Don’t let your hygiene go. There are few things more unattractive than bad breath or body odour, in fact, I think it’s even more horrid than sweats or crocs. Brush your teeth and take a shower if it means you’ll have to go out of the house naked. I’m serious. On the other hand, dry shampoo is amazing if you don’t have time to/want to wash your hair every day.
  6. No matter how tired you are, don’t underestimate accessories. A hat or a scarf can make an outfit go from “Mmmkay” to “Wow”. Have some jewelery ready that you know goes with everything (Pearls are a good start).

Some basics you’ll probably need a lot are oversized or normal cardigans, oversized plain tees and tanks, black ankle length cotton leggings and skinny jeans. If you find that perfect white tee or pair of leggings, I would buy several of them (who can do their laundry every day anyways?). Fun variations to the plain old basics (leather or sequinned leggings, ripped skinny jeans) are also fun, fun, fun.

These to outfits were worn to uni for the last two days. They are comfy, stylish and idiot – proof.


Leggings and tee shirt dress: Gina Tricot Cardigan: Mango, bought some years ago Shoes: Din Sko Scarf and beret: H&M I also wore my fuchsia H&M bag with it for a pop of colour


Jeans, tee and hat: H&M (I ripped the jeans myself) Shoes: Din Sko Biker jacket: New Yorker Bag: Iris Horbach

Note: I was planning to wear the second outfit as it is on the pic today, but after a quick look out of the window, I threw a chunky navy grampa cardigan in the mix. I must say it did not ruin the outfit one bit.


Written by Tonia

November 25, 2008 at 8:54 pm

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