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We don’t need no education

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Ironic title, considering the pics being taken outside of the uni.

Sorry for the lack of updates, the truth is I am still hungover from the party on Wednesday. It was so worth it though. Here’s a simple outfit I wore to uni today. Lab work means I am forced to wear jeans and flat shoes. And since large, dangling jewelery is not allowed either, I had to find creative ways to spice up my outfit – the simple solution: My docs. By the way: These babies feel like small torture devices the first couple of times you wear them, but my friend ensured me that as you wear them in, they will become the most comfy things in the world. I hope so, at least.

However, I am on the fence about my outfit today. I feel like the skinny jeans – cardigan – scarf combo is so idiot-proof, it makes my outfit totally played out. So what do you think: Boh-ring, or simple yet stylish?


Jeans: Lee Cardi: Red Label Shoes: Dr Marten Scarf, bag and beanie: H&M Earrings: Glitter Bracelets: My boyfriend’s and Bijou Brigitte

I need to find a way to wear docs with skirts and dresses. Every combination I tried made me look like a skinhead’s bride, so I have been sticking to docs with skinny jeans for now.


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November 28, 2008 at 8:18 pm

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