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Who needs friends when you can have shoes?


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Old, worn out skinny jeans from Bik Bok, Blouse, cardigan and hat from H&M, Booties from Din Sko, Vintage bag, Ring and bracelet from Bijou Brigitte.

It’s cold, sludgy and unfriendly outside. Most of all, I would love to cuddle up under a huge down blanket and hybernate for the rest of the day, but unfortunately, work is waiting. Physical chemistry lab reports and math homework. Yikes.


As it gets colder, I see more and more students wearing these little horrors. Why, why, why would anyone want to look like someone has been washing the floor with their sweater? Which is exactly what fleece looks like. Plus, it is not even warm enough to justify looking like a construction worker: classy, cosy wool is so much warmer than the stuff that basically is pure plastic. I should know, as I have never frozen while skiing if I wore a woolen sweater, while with fleece, I was cold within minutes. So please, students, exchange your hideous fleece jackets for sexy, knitted cardigans. That way, I won’t have to see your hideous jackets or listen to you blowing your noses after getting a cold.


Written by Tonia

December 3, 2008 at 12:01 pm

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