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My routine, especially from Wednesday to Saturday, usually consists of partying the night away, and then dragging my own corpse to lectures or library the morning after. It so happens that It Girls are Party Girls and Career Girls, not the quiet sitting at home types. However, the alcohol, sleeping with last night’s make up on and lack of sleep can really wreck your skin if you’re not careful. But that’s what expencive skincare is for, right?

Due to my Douglas Membership Card (If you’re a product junkie living in Germany, get it. It only costs six Euros a year, and you get loads of samples and discounts), I got loads of samples of different moisturizers. From those, as well as the ones I have had experience with before, I have put together a small moisturizer test, trying to figure out which one would be perfect for my stressed out skin. I tried to use each moisturizer several times, as a day cream or night cream, before passing my verdict, and I made sure to cleanse and tone my skin properly beforehand. I use a make-up remover from Dior, and a cleanser and toner from L’Occitanes Shea Butter line, in case anyone wants to know.

p83407_heroLancome Aqua Fusion SPF15: A-

This is my everyday moisturizer. It absorbs really quickly, and does not make your skin excessively shiny. It also has a cooling effect, which is awesome when you’ve had way too little sleep, and it makes your skin really soft and fresh. The one thing I disliked about it is that it’s almost too light, meaning one application in the morning might not be enough if you have very dry skin. On some occasions, my skin was “thirsty” a couple of hours later. Overall though, it is an excellent moisturizer for normal to combination skin.

laprairie-210408-a2La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Cream: A

We’re talking luxury here: I have applied this cream from a sample I’ve got three nights in a row, and I must say, it is pretty amazing for my skin. It absorbs quickly, without making my skin look oily or dirty, keeps it moisturized all the way through and it has improved the condition a lot. The cream has a light smell, which is actually very relaxing. However, it is pretty pricey, and I don’t feel like one would need this kind of skincare before one is at least twenty-five, unless you have really hard-to-please skin. However, I can definetely see myself stocking up on it in the future.

19802x_236x443Biotherm Age Fitness 2 Power Active Smoothing Care: A-

This moisturizer is designed to fight the first signs of ageing. Not something one would usually need at eighteen, however, since I have very thin, dry skin, I have to start taking care of it early if I don’t want to look like a granma at thirty. Plus, I find that anti-ageing products generally moisturize much better than the normal ones. I like the way this lotion makes my skin look, however, while it smoothes very well, it feels more like a primer than a moisturizer, since instead of absorbing into my skin completely, it formed a sort of a protective layer on top of it. This kind of put me off, since I hate combined products. The moistrurizing effect lasts really long however, and my skin was still soft by the end of the day.

8451232778800240_imageVenus Perfect Face Care Regenerating Vitamin Cream: B+

I did not really like this moisturiser for day use, since although it gave my skin a lot of moisture, it did not absorb completely, making it look oily. However, I used it as a night cream once, and despite my very few hours of sleep, my skin looked great the next morning. Plus, who can say no to shea butter, olive oil, papaya extracts and a bunch of vitamins and antioxidants? Yummy.

p122886_heroClinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: C+

Mehh, I don’t get how this is a cult product. I mean, it does moisturize your skin, and I did not break out or get a nasty rash from it either, but it’s just.. Plain. It does not improve the condition of your skin the way Clinique claims it will, and it’s not worth the money. Frankly, I could get a cream from the drugstore or pharmacy, and get equal or better results. The only thing I like about Clinique is that their 3-Step set really does discipline you into that skincare routine, and is therefore perfect for skincare newbies.


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December 4, 2008 at 7:47 pm

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