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Faux fur: H&M Young Girls Buttondown shirt: Stolen from my boyfriend Leather treggings: Carlings Boots: Bjorn Borg Bag and tie: Vintage Beanie: Lindex

I absolutely love combining outrageous items like leather treggings and faux fur jackets with the classiness of a plain white buttondown shirt and a tie.

I find that one can make ones wardrobe much more exiting by borrowing items from the mens and kids wardrobes. I am constantly raiding my boyfriend’s or my dad’s closets for awesome finds, or even shop in the men’s section (by the way, men’s knitwear is much warmer than women’s, for some reason). H&M’s kids department is also full of awesome finds, like these sequinned leggings, that are, unfortunately, sold out in bigger sizes, or my faux fur coat, that is a lot prettier and a tad cheaper than the one in the Divided section. Just a little tip, people.

I am off to Hannover tomorrow to fill up my wardrobe. Some things I’m looking forward to are: American Apparel, Zara, thrift shopping, which I am especially looking forward to, and finding that perfect pair of sequinned treggings.


Written by Tonia

December 9, 2008 at 8:10 pm

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