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I have written about the pair of awesome gold sequin skinnies on sale on Topshop, which I have been stalking for a while. Now, yesterday, just as I have persuaded my boyfriend to pay for my stuff with his Visa, I looked at the Topshop site again, and alas – they have been sold out in every single size, after being reduced to 20£. You can imagine my horror: Those were MINE sequin skinnies, I mean, who the hell other than me can pull it off? To make matters worse, after searching the net high and low for similar sequin skinnies or treggings, the only pair that was somewhat similarly awesome was by Les Chiffoniers. For 485 £. For me, this is the ultimate proof that time equals money. Oh yeah, and the thigh high boots were sold out as well.

For anyone who has stumbled upon my blog, and has just gotten a pair of Topshop sequin skinnies in size eight/ten that do not fit, or that you for some reason do not love: I am willing to buy them from you for 40 £ plus shipping. That’s a pretty good deal.


Written by Tonia

January 3, 2009 at 5:47 pm

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