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Soft velvet

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Bik Bok jeans, Pimkie blazer, Vintage velvet shirt and bag, Lille Vinkel Sko slouchy boots, Voice of Europe beanie, Scarf bought in Switzerland a year ago. Oh, and before you admire my bravery, a.k.a idioticity, I did wear a coat on top of all that.

I wish my camera was good enough to show the gorgeous texture of this simple velvet shirt, and I wish it was warm enough to take more than one picture outside before freezing to death. Otherwise: A simple, slightly boring outfit that fits the safety requirements for lab work (covered legs and closed, flat footwear). I hate being forced into jeans and tights every Friday so much, I feel like coming with bare legs and open toe sandals in -20 degree weather next week,  just to piss the assistents off.

PS: Ordered the credit card, so from sometime next week, I will indulge myself in what’s left on sale on Net-A-Porter, and, most importantly, some vintage furrrrrrr. Meow!


Written by Tonia

January 9, 2009 at 6:12 pm

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