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Odd Molly cardigan, Bik Bok skinnies, Ray Bans, Hutbusch bowler, Iris Horbach bag

I almost lost my hat about ten times because of the wind – this kind of weather definetely requires some different headwear. The wayfarers were a protection against the wind rather than the non-existent sun.

All bundled up with my favourite cardi, which I unfortunately don’t wear as much as I want cause it’s just too bright, and hence too much of a good thing after a while. It is super warm, and perfect for sight seeing, when one doesn’t want to automatically be pointed out as a tourist, with the fanny pack and shit (the ones from AA are awesome though).

After a day of walking, I figured out I love Hamburg. I feel like dropping out of uni, running away and living here, supporting my shopping addiction by working as a gogo dancer in St.Pauli, totally like Mimi from Rent. Viva la vie boheme, or something…


Written by Tonia

February 26, 2009 at 10:48 pm

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