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I wanna be an internet celebrity

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DIY cut off denim shorts, Bik Bok printed tee/minidress, vintage cardigan, Lille Vinkel Sko slouchy flat boots, Iris Horbach bag, Hutbusch bowler, Dyrberg/Kern cuff, David Aubrey earrings, a random chain attached to the belt loops of my shorts

I’m nowhere near done with these shorts: I am planning to splatter some bleach on them, and possibly do some serious studding – however for now, I wore them as they are. The really annoying thing though is that the cuffs kept unrolling, so I was adjusting my shorts every two seconds. Ugh, I think they’ll need to be secured in place with a stich or two.

Oh yeah, and the tee. Everyone seems to be sporting tees and tanks printed with indians, eagles, wolves and other biker-friendly prints right now, so I found this oversized t-shirt dress I bought ages ago, but only wore once. Purrfection!


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March 31, 2009 at 8:24 pm

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It’s not that hard, you know

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I’ve never really understood why everyone seemed to have such huge problems with doing the smoky eye. I just swipe some matte grey eyeshadow over my lid, apply some black liquid eyeliner and finish off with mascara. I did it today, and that’s what it looks like most of the time. No cheek make up whatsoever, and just rosebud on the lips (I sometimes wear red lipstick with it though, when I want to look kinda trashy). Seems foolproof, right, and since there are so many tutorial videos on youtube, learning this shouldn’t be a problem..

Then I watched some of those videos and I understood why.

As you can guess, this is going to be a really long rant about those so called youtube make up artists, which usually translates into sixteen-year-old girls who spend three hours daily to slap on foundation that’s three shades too dark.

There IS a reason why make up artists actually complete a higher education to work in their field. You have to learn how to apply those ten different shades of bronzer to give a models face the perfect definition, or how to make someones complexion withstand harsh lightning on the movie set. It’s when some high school girl with too little to do decides to emulate this that it turns into a disaster.

DON’T LET ME STARTED on the whole: “Use five different shades, most of those shimmering, to achieve the perfect smoky eye”. It doesn’t look cute, it looks drag-queenish, and half of the time it comes out wrong. Yes, even for going out (not that people care after five drinks). Same for graduated bright colours. Sorry, it just looks dated. Yes, I do get the need to bring out my eyes once in a while: and wearing one block of colour from your lash line to your crease is much more current, much harder to fuck up and doesn’t make you look like you were born a different gender (actually, drag queens are cool. Girls who try to look like them aren’t).

Oh, and after they applied their bright blue shimmering smoky eyes or rainbow eyeshadow, there is of course the rest of the face. Oh yes, go bronzer, highlighter, pink blush, dark blush, it makes your cheekbones soo sexy. Seriously, what happened to sticking to some foundation and a natural looking blush? Ugh, and don’t forget the frosted pink lips.

Fer serious, girls. Leave the make up advise to make up artists and stop embarassing yourself on the internet.

PS: I don’t have any problem with people just casually telling how they do their make up or what products they prefer, hell, I do it too. What pisses me off is when someone tries to play experts, and totally teach people “how to be as fab and pretty as themselves” without having any qualification to do so. Same with “style tips”. I have a fashion blog for the purpose of showing the world MY STYLE, but when some self proclaimed fashionistas are starting to play stylists for other people, and even ask to get paid for it, I feel like doing something that would land me in anger therapy.

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March 30, 2009 at 4:04 pm

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Lookout Sunshine

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Old kids peacoat (from the 90’s), American Apparel long-sleeved double U-neck dress, Pimkie faux fur vest, Doc Martens, Vintage Shawl, Raybans. Jewelery: Watch by Pilgrim, Ring and bracelet by Bijou Brigitte, Pendant by Hultquist

Le long awaited outfit pics. The sun was shining in Oslo today, and I ended up getting my pics taken by a friend. She takes absolutely amazing photos, in fact, I had about fifty to choose from, and I’ve chosen this one. Some chick walking her dog in the park was staring at us ALL THE TIME. Not just one quick glance, but like, for a whole ten minutes. Why don’t you take a picture, lady, it’ll last longer!

Anyways, two items I wish I’d worn out a little more this winter: A faux fur vest (hard to combine without looking like a fashion victim, plus it required long sleeved shirts and dresses, something I don’t usually wear) and this coat I’ve found in the back of the closet, I think I wore it as a kid in late 90’s. For fucks sake, I still fit into clothes I wore as an eight year old! (It was way too large for me back then. Yeah.)

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March 28, 2009 at 10:07 pm

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The Whip – Blackout

Girls on drums are hot.

Do you want me to come with music posts more often? Music can be as inspirational as catwalk pictures and shopping collages, in my opinion!

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March 27, 2009 at 12:56 pm

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Those are Marnis, right?

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Source: Sartorialist

I’m pretty positive the first pair of the amazing shoes are Marnis, but I’m not sure about the second pair. Anyone who knows their designer shoes better than me?

Anyways, that’s how you wear your crazy sculptural heels, boys and girls.

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March 25, 2009 at 4:17 pm

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Talking of ankle cuffs and stripper heels

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Pleaser USA

Right after experimenting with ankle cuffs yesterday, I was browsing the Pleaser website for mindblowingly tall stripper boots, and found these dahlings. Pretty perfect if you ask me. I especially love the ones with the straps!



Remember Karla’s stripper boots? Awesome, right?

I love the pair with the buckles the most.

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March 25, 2009 at 11:57 am

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Ankle boots: Guess, Cuff: Supernova

This one spiked cuff was kind of too large for my wrist, so I experimented with wearing it around my ankle. It was still way too tight to be comfortable, but it has inspired me to find more men’s leather cuffs to wear as a odd ankle strap. A large silver bangle (the type that was fashionable to wear around the upper arm in the late 90’s) would work too..

This look would probably work better with pumps and strappy sandals rather than booties, but a girl gotta work with what she has at hand, right?

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March 24, 2009 at 2:00 pm

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