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The same old thing

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H&M Blazer, Topshop skirt, AA tank, Gina Tricot leotard, Guess shoes, Bianco clutch, Supernova&Bijou Brigitte bracelets, Pilgrim watch

If any of my Norwegian readers saw an idiot trip over her shoes and fall today, it was me. To my defence, my heel got stuck in the pavement.

Was searching in vainĀ for the perfect cream blazer today. Is the Zara one sold out, or is it actually supposed to be WHITE? Ugh! Oh, and why is it that there are absolutely no jumpsuits in a cream, beige or peach colour? I only find black ones. Shopping is frustrating.

I really don’t understand why I don’t use this skirt that often, it’s so crazy, so perfect, so .. me! And despite being so bright, it goes with everything. A win-win situation.


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April 3, 2009 at 8:11 pm

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