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Bras are not underwear

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Underwear as outerwear is hot, so I’m totally loving the trend of visible bras, whether they’re more of a cropped bustier or the infamous American Apparel tube bras. Kind of the extention of the crop top trend, but the difference is that whereas cropped tops today are usually baggy and “unisex”, this is definitely a very sexy item of clothing. Now, they do have to be done in a manner that is not overly slutty, just that little bit that screams hot, but with a hell of an attitude.


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Obviously, the real stylish girls can rock almost everything, but sometimes a gal just needs some guidelines on how to dive into a trend.

1. Wear it with high waisted styles and cover your shoulders. First of all, it instantly tones down the skankiness. Second, if you haven’t been to the gym for a while, it will cover any unsightly belly flab or the not-so-toned upper arms. I’d wear a bra-top with a high waisted skirt or tapered trousers and some jacket.

2. Do make sure you’re not breaking any decency laws. Basically, nothing too sheer, and just to be on the safe side, those nude nipple¬†stickers aren’t such a bad idea.

3. Size does count. I’d say, the breast size limit for sporting this trend would be somewhere around a small C-cup. The larger your breasts, the sluttier they will look when potentially exposed. Sad law of nature.

4. Use common sence. I hate advocating dress codes, and not being able to wear this or that for a certain occasion, but this look is definitely not for office hours with your seventy-year-old mathematics prof. However, totally hot for going out with the girls.

5. When in doubt, layer. It is not sexy to run around in something you’re clearly not comfortable with, so there are safer ways to show off your latest Agent Provocateur purchase. Layer it under a¬†micro-mesh or lace top for a more dressy-goth look (this is obviously more of a fall look, I’d boil wearing a long sleeve lace blouse in the summer), or let it peek out from underneath a baggy tank (shredded is nice). Or layer a bustier over a tank, like Erin Wasson


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April 13, 2009 at 3:51 pm

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